Washington — "the evergreen state" of the US

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BRNX.RUВсе about US visas, immigration green Cards Rubricated USA 16902 10.08.2015 Washington on the map With the economic and tourist point of view very interesting is the state of Washington. By the size it occupies 18-e a place in the United States and is the most extreme North-Western part of the upper left corner of the map of the country. Washington is interesting for its orders and laws, and there is something to look at even the most sophisticated traveler.

George Washington Before the first immigrants on the territory of present-day Washington state was home to several native American tribes hunted fishing and whaling. According to Chronicles the first European came to this land in 1775 was the Spaniard Bruno de Asset. And the first large-scale study of the territory of the Spanish and British travellers were the years 1778-1792. That is why in the early nineteenth century between Spain, Britain and the United States conducted a fierce debate over the land. But in 1819, claims Spain refused and on June 15, 1846, on the basis of the current Oregon Treaty Washington has completely passed into the possession of the United States of America. The Capitol in Olympia, Washington The capital of Washington the city of Olympia.

Some mistakenly think that it is Seattle's largest state population of 602 thousand. Second and third place occupy Spokane and Tacoma. The population of these cities is only a third of the population of Seattle. In the capital, there are only about 46 478 people data 2010. Washington borders Idaho to the East and Oregon to the South. On the North start site of Canada province of British Columbia.

And in the West the state has a water border. Washington on USA map Washington has a very diverse terrain. About 90% of the territory is on land the remaining 10% of the coastal area of the Pacific ocean which bathes the territory from the North. State divided by the Cascade mountains which divide it into Eastern and Western Washington. In the East is dominated by steppes and semi-deserts. The climate here is very dry and hot, the number of draught is minimal.

To travel here is not recommended for travelers expecting plenty of napravilsya and enjoy the nature but this area is ideal for lovers of extreme sports. National Park mount Rainier Washington In Western Washington, the opposite of a Maritime climate with wet winter months and dry and warm summers. This is the perfect resort option, and it is in this latitude are the state capital Olympia largest city Seattle. Also Washington is known for its pine forests and tropical regions. In the South-East is the area of the Palouse is a huge meadow area with farmland. And the rest of the Eastern territory where.

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