Washington, the capital of the United States of America

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Gold coins Silver coins Gems gems Interesting about the money The first paper money in the world Leisure and resorts The customs of the peoples of the world Banks of countries World currency Travelers of the world The oceans and seas of the world Auctions and bidding All about inflation To download the program Download photos banknotes coins emblems and flags presented on this site View and download the videos informative and entertaining about the role of money in our lives Armor weapons of the monetary system of the Knights of Medieval England Washington is the capital of the United States of America and is a senior political cultural and scientific center of the country. Washington city is located in the North-Eastern United States on the Potomac river on the Atlantic coast. Has borders with Maryland and Virginia. Native Washington residents call their city in a simplified form Di-si. Washington is considered to be highly educated cultural capital alone higher education institutions has more than 10 which are appreciated all over the world. Among them Georgetown, Harvard, George Washington, etc.

a lot of academic institutions, mostly state-owned. These include the national Academy of Sciences of the Smithsonian Institute, the Carnegie Institute, the Brookings institution. The city was founded in 1791 His name is associated with the name of the first U.S. President George Washington. After the Anglo-American war 18121814 years Washington burned in 1814, troops from England was restored.

The author of the project of the city was the French engineer P. W. Lanfa. The centre of the capital is Capitol hill. It overlooks one of the highest buildings in the city Capitol, where Congress is located. The dome of the building can be seen from anywhere especially at night when illuminated by street lights.

From the bottom of the hill for several kilometers stretches a picturesque Avenue called the Mall. In the heart of the Avenue is the White house. Washington differs from other major American cities with his calm self-sufficiency and greatness. The city has no skyscrapers as under the law not to build houses higher than the Capitol dome. Here is extraordinary beautiful streets and avenues of wonderful parks, many historical sights including museums. The main business area of the city North-West.

All government buildings are between the White house and the Capitol. On both sides from the White house, the State Department and the U.S. Treasury Department. Washington is the most green capital of the world area parks over 2800 hectares. the Most popular Park is the Rock Creek Park on the North-East of the city reserved for playing baseball football basketball.


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