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Published by admin on 19.03.2016. Published in the Western United States Washington eng. Washington state located in the North-West of the USA. The capital city of Seattle.

Major cities Spokane Tacoma Olympia Everett Bellevue. 2011 population 6 830 038. More than half of state residents live in the capital. Area 184 827 km2. In 1889 November 11, Washington became the 42nd state of the USA. Attractions of the state In 2004 in Seattle was opened Central library.

This place immediately became very popular among tourists. Here is 34 thousand m2 available 15 million books. The library building is recognized as one of the most beautiful buildings. People come here not only to read but also to admire the unique building. Thirty miles from Seattle is the city of the Puget Sound. Here is a large port with many museums, theatres, historic buildings.

To the South-East of the city is the volcano mount Rainier. The lovely city of Olympia has many parks and nature reserves. This is a big cultural centre with six major theatres own living jazz community and Symphony orchestra. In addition, there are national Park mount Rainier village Tilikum the space needle Olympic national Park Snoqualmie falls. Geography and climate In the East, Washington borders Idaho on the North by the province of British Columbia to southern Oregon. In the West the area has access to the Pacific ocean.

More than 90% of the territory is dry land. In the Central South-Eastern and North-Eastern part of the state are the mountain ranges to the West of the forest in the East semi-desert. From North to South stretch of mountains that divide the state. The Western part has a Maritime climate winter wet summer dry. Coniferous forests are located here. On the Eastern part are extensive steppes of the arid desert.

The climate is dry. The annual rainfall of about 178 mm of precipitation. In the Cascade mountains there are several active volcanoes. Economy GDP by the end of 2005 amounted to $2685 billion Here are located the headquarters of such companies as Microsoft, Amazon, Valve PACCAR Starbucks. Until 2007, it operated a well-known biotechnology company Icos. The aerospace industry led by Boeing holds key positions.

The company employs over 80 thousand people. Has about 3000 enterprises supplying parts for Boeing. The state ranks first in the production of electricity. Here is one of the largest dams in the world, the Grand Coulee and many thousands of hydropower dams. Developed farm fruit hops wheat barley potatoes grapes and more. The state ranks third in wine production.

Much attention is paid to poultry farming production of dairy products production.

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