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Universal popular scientific online encyclopedia WASHINGTON GEORGE Washington George 17321799 the first US President born February 22, 1732 in Wakefield, Virginia in a family of a wealthy planter. To three years he lived in Wakefield then in the estate of hunting Creek which later became known as mount Vernon and later at ferry farm near FREDERICKSBURG. His father died in 1743 and from 1748 he lived with his brother Lawrence at the hunting Creek and after the death of Lawrence in 1752 he inherited he owned the estate. In 1748, Washington went to the West of the country as part of an expedition organized by the 6th Lord Fairfax to conduct the surveying in the Shenandoah valley. Thanks to family contacts of Ferfaksa and inherited mount Vernon, he became a planter and commander of one of the parts of the Virginia militia. In October 1753 the Vice-Governor of Virginia R.

Dinwiddy, instructed Washington to warn the French stationed at Presque Isle, now Erie Pennsylvania and Fort Le Boeuf, now Waterford Pennsylvania that they don't have to move deeper into British territory in the Ohio river valley. The trip to Fort Le Boeuf and back a total length of approx. 800 km lasted for eleven weeks saturated very dangerous episodes. In composed upon return of Report of major George Washington presented to officials in Williamsburg have pointed out the inevitability of conflict with France. In April 1754 Washington returned to Ohio in the rank of Colonel commander of the volunteer military units. This division was formed hastily to deter the French and for the protection of the expedition directed Ohio company of Virginia for the construction of a Fort on the Ohio river to the present site of Pittsburgh.

July 3, at Fort Necessity a group of Washington attacked the superior forces of the French and he was forced to capitulate. The terms of surrender were very generous and Washington returned to Virginia where the relationship between him and Dinwiddy difficult. However, the London and Williamsburg has finally realized the danger coming from the French. In Virginia was sent to major General E. Braddock at the head of two incomplete regiments of the British but he was defeated and was killed at the river Monongahela in July 1755. In August 1755 Washington was promoted to Colonel and became commander of the armed forces of Virginia which was entrusted with the defense of the border with a length of 560 km from the attacks of French and Indians.

Washington was on the defensive throughout 1756 and 1757, but in 1758 took part in the campaign against Fort Dukan Brigadier General George.Forbes, who commanded an army three times superior to the detachment of Braddock. When in November they reached the Fort there was left only Smoking ruins. Washington returned to Virginia and resigned 31 December.

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