The city of Washington, the capital of the USA

12 january 2017, 20:03

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Washington is the capital of the United States of America the city was founded in 1791 and named in honor of the first representative of the government of the United States - George Washington. This administrative unit is not included in any of the States and saves the name of the District of Columbia. The capital city combines all the main historical and architectural monuments to see, you can learn about the entire history of the formation of large and powerful state. The Washington project was entrusted to the famous American architect of French origin, Pierre Lefanu who created a wonderful piece of art - Washington is one of the most beautiful cities in America. The l'enfant designed the city in such a way that in the center of it all is the Capitol and it split the streets in the form of squares named in honor of the thirteen original colonies. Everyone knows Dublin is the capital of what country Washington in its external appearance is unlike the other cities of America - it has lots of preserved original monuments of majestic buildings - the government residence of the President structure of the military center, the Pentagon, the headquarters of the organizations of international importance the Capitol famous educational universities, etc.

Here you see the tall building of skyscrapers, the government decided a ban on the construction of tall buildings the height of all constructions should not exceed the Congress of the United States Capitol. Thus all sides in the city you can admire the wonderful landscapes. Did you know that there is a monument to the Kitten in Voronezh Matter what city you decide to go on a trip to Washington to consider various options for the road. In our case, we consider the way to Washington from Russia in new York. Direct direct flights to Washington from Russia are more than 50 airlines on a daily basis. You can also consider the option of a transit flight via new York, Dubai, Istanbul, Helsinki, Madrid.

Time and money transplantation in these cities - the most ideal option. Airlines or tour operators offer the average cost for tickets from Russia to Washington from $ 600 in one direction only. As America is on another continent in flight you will spend quite a long time of 11 hours. In addition to air travel to get to Washington can see - almost from all over the world here established ground transportation. The schedule of movement of buses to Washington to see the sites. Data on train schedules and prices for train tickets can be viewed to clarify and book on the website of transportation companies Maryland Rail Commuter and Virginia Railway Express.

In the case when you were in new York and want to visit Washington, you should choose.

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