Sights of Washington, Washington DC

12 january 2017, 20:01

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The US capital Washington DC is teeming with various attractions so be prepared for the fact that the first time you all will not have time to see. If this is the first visit of the tourist route must necessarily pass through such attractions as the National Mall National Mall and some of the other sights of Washington. Below are 10 items that can not miss tourist wishing to see the sights of Washington DC. Start viewing the sights of Washington from the building edition of the famous magazine Smithsonian where every tourist can get map and information about all the museums and monuments in Washington. The capital has many museums ranging from art museums ending with the Museum of space exploration. Try to plan your visits to museums and other attractions but don't even try to see everything at once.

Every tourist who wants to see the sights of Washington is strongly recommended to allocate the time to look at the composition of the National history Museum and the National Museum of air and space and other interesting sights of Washington. National monuments in Washington are really impressive. The best time to enjoy the night illumination gives extra zavarivanje the beauty of these attractions. Besides night in Washington, D.C. you will not have to search long for a place where to Park the car and other tourists you will not be distracted.

But if the visit is scheduled for the daytime, then it is offered special tourist buses which You will take on Washington and on attractions tell. All the tourists arrived to see the sights of Washington just have to see the building Capitol Building Capitol building of the U.S. Congress landmark White House White House the residence of the President of the United States and Supreme Court of the United States Supreme Court. These 3 buildings are 3 branches of the US government. Be sure to plan your visit such attractions as the buildings of the U.

S. government, as some tours must be scheduled in advance and require collaboration with the representatives of Congress in Washington. Georgetown is a historic port full of attractions area of Washington where life and even today continues to seethe with an indescribable beauty. If you are a Shopaholic then this district like Georgetown would be a Paradise for you. The streets of the old district of Washington are full of restaurants of different national cuisines. Tourists visit local attractions, buying Souvenirs and then enjoy a pleasant lunch in the restaurants of Georgetown.

C amp O canal Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.

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