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Memorable and commemorative coins [edit | edit wiki text] Collection album Quarters US states Memorable and commemorative coins minted to commemorate or anniversaries, or in the memory of any specific event or place. The first such coin is 25 cents, issued in 1893 in honor of the 400th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America [127]. Since 1982, almost every year a few coins issued to commemorate an event. In many cases, these coins are quickly removed from use. However, the coins minted in large numbers, are long in circulation. These issues include the 25, 50-cent and 1-dollar coins minted billions of copies to mark the 200th anniversary of American independence [128].

Chasing a large number of commemorative coins for goods is very beneficial for the US Mint due to seigniorage. Thus, the seigniorage from the issue of 50 different 25-cent coins in 1999-2008 amounted to about $ 6 billion [129]. Seigniorage is formed as follows. Every year for the saturation of money circulation issue needs a certain amount of coins and banknotes of various denominations. Minting coins is a much less its nominal value. The person buying the coin at face value not for further use, and for the collection, removes it from the circulation, and the difference between the nominal value and the value of the coinage seigniorage.

Due to the fact that the program release 25-cent coins of various states billions of copies has been successful, the Mint began minting commemorative coins every year for the items. So, in 2009, was minted coins 6 US territories, from 2010 to 2021 years, it plans to release fifty-six 25-cent coins with the image of the national parks in 2004-2005 were minted 4 different 5-cent coin in honor of the 200th anniversary of the expedition Lewis and Clark, from 2007 to 2017 it is planned to issue no less than 70 different dollar coins. In 2009-2010, it was struck also 5 different types of 1-cent coins. Coins of the Confederate States of America [citation needed | edit wiki text] Main article: Confederate Dollar 50 cents Confederation Shortly after the announcement of the creation of a new Confederate States government began to issue its own currency. The structure was part of the Confederation of Louisiana. In the capital of the State of New Orleans was mint.

On it under the control of the newly formed state government had issued 962,633 silver coins poludollarovyh prewar sample [130]. In New Orleans Mint were struck also 4 trial coins of 50 cents, which is the obverse face of the repeated pre-war coins, and the reverse contains the symbols of the Confederacy. On it was depicted a shield with 15 vertical stripes and 7 stars, over which is placed a Phrygian cap - a symbol of freedom and revolution. On either side of the shield is a crown of branches of cotton and sugarcane - the main agricultural crops of the southern states. At the edge of the coin there is an inscription «CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA» and denomination «HALF DOL.».

Subsequently, many copies have been issued so rare (only 4 copies) coin [131].

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