My impressions of Washington (Washington, D.C.) is the capital of the United States (+ 20 photos)

12 january 2017, 20:04

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With the support if you want to visit USA and go to the blog of Dmitry Komarovsky which is dedicated to work and travel from obtaining a visa to life in America. Friends today I publish another impression from the visit of the United States of America. And I'll tell you about the day when he visited the U.S. capital in Washington D.C.

Washington D. C. Lived some time in it I could not but atmosphere I felt. If New York can compare with Moscow and Washington rather with Peter. This is a beautiful clean green city with many famous places and landmarks in the total real capital .

The contents Or as the Americans would say National Air and Space Museum. There don't practice the site promotion by yourself and do not conduct seo courses. But it is possible to see almost the entire history associated with construction vehicles for flight in the air from light aircraft to spaceships. That's how it looks from the outside. Almost at the entrance stood a Cabinet with the collection of donations unfortunately do not remember what. On the bill once it was possible to determine that Russian fairly frequent visitors to the Museum .

In General, the Museum was quite interesting. There is everything associated with aviation from the costumes of the flight attendants to the real aircraft which were at different times armed with different countries here and passenger aviacar. There I even got my chance to fly a real plane . And an aircraft carrier . Where else is tried = Still it was possible to carry out various experiments with aerodynamics. For example here such.

Though I can not remember what it was . Then I was approached by a man in a mask and white robe and revealed secret documents about the flight of Americans to the moon. Only he asked not to tell anyone so I no-no . In one of the rooms hung a test project Soyuz-Apollo. But the planes themselves. This is only part.

Actually in the Museum they are about a few dozen. But the view from the top. In General, you will have in Washington don't forget to visit this Museum. I liked it very much . The Capitol building is the seat of the Congress of the United States of America. Very nice facility and location.

You come close and take a picture near a small fountain. Capitol one business cards Washington. The next place was the white house. I thought I'd drive up to the main entrance out of the bus. On the steps will be Barack Obama and to wait for my arrival. But it turned out like that .

So I'm up to it and did not get the answer . Approximately 100 metres to the white house there was a fence. The next point is the monument to the 3rd President of the United States Jefferson. At about this time, the battery sits on the camera so no photographs inside the monument there. And ahead.

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