Movies Movies 2016 2017 Outcast-One: Star Wars.

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Movies Movies 2016 2017 Outcast-Star Wars One. History Passengers of Viking, assassin's Creed Monster trucks Resident evil 6 Golden globe Oscar 2017 2017 Three x Great wall monster Voice fifty shades darker, LEGO. Batman Movie The John Wick 2 Born Denzel Washington in mount Vernon new York 28 December 1954. Denzel's father was a priest and her mother worked in a beauty salon. Boy was the second of three children in the family. At the end of the school enters, Fordham University, Department of journalism.

While training regularly takes part in productions of the student troupe. Hardworking and talented Denzel gets a scholarship to the American Conservatory Theater which he will soon leave without having studied there one year. A young actor with excellent characteristics was not difficult to immediately get on TV. A small role in the TV movie Wilma gets his first job. On the set he met Paulette Pearson which few years later became his wife. With Paulette actor lives on to this day along with raising her four children.

read more On the big screen debuts of Denzel in a Comedy Michael Schultz Copy in the negative, 1981. Starred in two socially critical paintings with political overtones, the Story of a soldier 1984 and 1986 the Power. The first nomination for an Oscar receives in 1987 for her supporting role in the film Cry Freedom 1987. Steve Biko, played by actor - above all praise. However, in those years, he was much better known in the U.S.

as Dr. Phillip Chandler of one of the characters of the TV series Holy Answer 1982-1988. Extremely sweet and helpful the doctor did not leave indifferent not one American housewife. His first Oscar for actor in a supporting role Denzel gets in the late nineties for the image of the ordinary Trip in the Edward Zwick film Glory in 1989. In 1990, during the filming of the picture the state of the heart meets spike Lee in conjunction with working on the film mo ' better Blues 1990. Another collaboration of Denzel and spike's Malcolm X comes out in theaters in 1992.

A brilliant game of Washington in this painting brings him the award for best actor at the film festival in Berlin and a second nomination for an Oscar. In 1994, with Tom Hanks starred in the acclaimed Philadelphia Jonathan Demme. A special place in the career of an actor is the role of police officers and military investigators. In the second half of the nineties is similar to the role he gets in the movies Virtuosity 1995 Devil in a blue dress 1995 Courage in battle and 1998 Fallen 1996 the Power of fear 1999. After another collaboration with spike Lee in the picture It game 1998 on the screens out one of the most memorable tapes.

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