George Washington

12 january 2017, 20:04

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George Washington stands at the origins of American national history. He pretty much participated in all the endeavors which boosted the transformation of thirteen colonies into the Union of sovereign republics and then in the first modern Federal state. In Virginia and in the Continental Congress, he was one of those who firmest way opposed British colonial policy. As commander in chief of us forces he organized and led the military resistance that after eight years of war led to independence. Convinced of the need for a strong Central government participated in 1787 88. in the development and adoption of a new Constitution and the President has created the basis for Federal Republican state in which Americans could find their national agreement.

George Washington was born February 22, 1732 in the family is the fourth generation which lived in Virginia. His rise to a colonial elite in no way has been predetermined since his childhood and youth he spent in modest circumstances suffered superficial school education and lost his father Augustine of the owner of tobacco plantations and surveyor at the age of eleven. He was raised by his half-brother Lawrence, after whose death he inherited in 1752 the estate of mount Vernon near Alexandria on the Potomac river. Internal uncertainty resulting from a lack of formal education and cultivated manners were manifested in sometimes excessive desire for public recognition and only gradually gave way to a confident demeanor. In his neighbor Lord Faifax who belonged to the most wealthy landowners of Virginia, Washington found an influential mentor. Faifax introduced him to the lifestyle of the untitled nobility and supported the first steps on the path to a career as a state surveyor and officer.

The activities of the surveyor woke in Washington's interest to the Western regions. All his life he tried to purchase land in the West and increase his possession. Washington seemed to be created for the career of an officer as it is already unusual height and physical strength have emphasized the nature of authority. With the rank of Colonel of the Virginia militia he was involved in 1754-55. on the territory of today's Pittsburgh in the first battles of the French and Indian war. Although it was more about the clashes with the inglorious outcome of this baptism of fire has established his reputation as a military leader.

The fact that he had to give to British officers of the regular troops and the militia in the late war was used only to protect the borders, caused in him a latent hostility to the metropolis which he never was able to overcome. Immediately after leaving the military.

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