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Actor Date and place of birth December 28, 1954 mount Vernon USA An increase of 1 m 84 cm American actor Director and producer winner of two Oscars, two Golden globes and a Tony theatre award. Known for his roles in the films Training day, the crew of the the Book of Eli remember the Titans the Wrath of Malcolm X. Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. born December 28, 1954 in mount Vernon and was the second of three children of Reverend Denzel Hayes Washington St. and the owner of the beauty salon Lennis Lennis.

When Denzel was 14 years old his parents divorced and he was sent to study at the military Academy where he went to public school in Florida. After high school he went to Fordham University where, in 1977, became a bachelor of arts with a major in drama and journalism. In the student theater of the University Denzel Washington played his first role. After graduation he worked for a year at the theatre in San Francisco and then moved to new York. In 1977, the debut of Denzel Washington in the TV movie Wilma. In 1981 he received his first role in Hollywood in the Comedy an Exact copy.

Famous Denzel Washington brought to the role of a doctor in a popular medical series St Answer where he starred from 1982 to 1988. During this time he also managed to star in several films and in 1978 received his first nomination for an Oscar for the role of South African activist against apartheid drama Cry freedom. In 1991, Denzel Washington starred in the spike Lee film Spike Lee mo ' better Blues. In 1992, Lee again invited him for the lead role in a political drama Malcolm X. The role of the leader of the nationalists brought to Washington another Oscar nomination for the. In 1993 Denzel Washington played infected homosexual in the acclaimed drama Philadelphia.

In the same year to box office success was the Thriller the Pelican brief. In 1995, he starred in the Thriller Crimson tide. In 1999, Washington won a Golden globe and a Silver bear at the Berlin film festival for her role in the movie the Hurricane where he played a boxer Carter who was acquitted of murder after 20 years in prison. In 2000, Denzel appeared in the box office smash hit remember the Titans. In 2006, Washington is again co-starred in spike Lee in the Thriller Not caught the thief. In 2009, Denzel Washington has appeared in the Thriller Dangerous passengers of the train 123, and in the science fiction film the Book of Eli.

In 2010, rolling out the Unmanaged Thriller with Denzel Washington in the title role. In 2013, Denzel Washington was again nominated for an Oscar for her role in the drama Crew where he played the pilot of an alcoholic. In 1977 on the set of the movie Wilma Denzel.

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