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George Washington Born February 22, 1732 Died 14 Dec 1799 George Washington February 22, 1732 Wakefield, Virginia - December 14, 1799 mount Vernon there American statesman and military leader of the 1st US President 1789-1797. Born in the family of a planter. At age 11 lost his father in the formation of his personality have been heavily influenced by the elder half-brother Lawrence. Got home education he was self-educated. From 1749 was a surveyor of Culpepper County. After his brother's death in 1752 inherited the estate of mount Vernon.

In 1752 he became a major in the local militia during the Seven years ' war he participated in military actions against the French troops during which he distinguished himself and was promoted to Colonel. In 1759 he married young widow Martha Dandridge Custis. In the years 1758-1774, Washington was elected to the legislative Assembly of Virginia. He criticized the colonial policy of great Britain promoted a boycott of British goods, but disapproved took violent actions like the Boston tea party of 1773. In 1774-1775 he was one of the representatives to the Continental Congress. Washington soon realized the futility of attempts at reconciliation with the mother country and after the first clashes ostentatiously dressed in military uniforms.

In June, 1775, unanimously elected commander of the army which he led throughout the war of independence in North America 1775-1783. Creating an army from scratch it has passed a long way from the siege of Boston 1776 for which he was awarded the Congress commemorative gold medal to the surrender of British troops at Yorktown 1781. In November 1783 after the signing of the Treaty of Paris, resigned. Based in mount Vernon, Washington remained in focus public and political attention. Supporter of strengthening the Central government, he was elected President of the constitutional Convention developed in 1787 the U.S.

Constitution. The popularity and authority of Washington led his election to the post of President which he had occupied on 30 April 1789. In 1792 he was unanimously reelected for a new term. In this role, Washington sought to implement the Constitution contributed to the establishment of management bodies lapping of the workings of the three branches of government laid the foundations of the political system of the USA. In his first Washington government included the leaders of warring political factions - Republican Thomas Jefferson and federalist. Was accepted and began to be developed by Hamilton's program to stabilize the financial and industrial development of the country at odds with the intentions of the Republicans.

The transition from the President.

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